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Precihole Letter

A family business with 6 decades in the manufacturing of precision machine tools, supplying to numerous national and multinational companies, one of the largest suppliers of military supplies pre-1947 and of stainless steel products to the railways, had humble origins in the 19th century, making cartwheels, swords and agricultural equipment. With a history of being a leading manufacturer of precision machine tools, industrial switch gears, stainless steel utensils and steel formwork for infrastructure projects, we decided to expand the family business into a variety of shooting rests for enthusiastic shooters.

Besides an avid shooter, he is a qualified engineer and an accomplished designer as well. His vast experience in designing and manufacturing precision machines as well as intricate steel formworks is evident in each and every product he makes. He happily accepted a challenge to make a simple yet versatile shooting rest from a fellow shooter during a state level competition.

The first rest “PSR” was used and appreciated by many renowned shooters. This triggered his interest in shooting rests. It was the birth of TRYO.

The “Easyshot” Rest developed for assault rifles is popular among big bore shooters and defense personnel alike for its rugged design.

“Robust” is the most popular conventional front rest among entry level benchrest shooters.

“Combo” is a cross between Robust and Easyshot. Being detachable and adjustable, the rest can serve as a front shooting rest as well.